About me – English version

Here is my resume.

I am a science writer and a radio and tv anchor. I graduated in Medicine (MD) at the University of Pisa (2002) and I received a Master in Science Communication from the Sissa of Trieste (2004).

I am an author and presenter in Rai cultura (Rai scuola), the cultural channel of the Italian public broadcasting company Rai. I am currently working on a program about the history of science.

I work for Rai Radio3 (the cultural national Italian radio) for the cultural Press Review of the morning Pagina3.

I wrote several books: my next book will be out in May 2023, and it has as a title “Eroica, folle, visionaria – Storie di medicina spericolata”.

I write for magazines and newspapers (la Repubblica, Le Scienze, Focus).

I teach Science communication in a Master’s course at the University of Rome – La Sapienza.

In the past:

I wrote an essay about the communication of medicine, “Sospettosi” (Einaudi, 2019), and I have written a novel: “Le mie amiche streghe” (Einaudi, 2018).

In 2016 – 2017 I have been among the anchors of Tutta Salute (Rai3), a daily tv program on health and medicine.

I have been of the two Senior advisors for Italy of Newsguard.

I have been selected among the 28 female artists for the 2020 Hay Festival.

I have been among the speakers and authors of many programs of Rai scuola as Storie della scienza, Memex, and Nautilus (Rai Scuola) (2014 – 2016).

I have worked for the Italian national television, for the scientific program Cosmo (with Barbara Serra, 2011), and for the report program Presa Diretta (with Riccardo Iacona and Francesca Barzini, 2011 – 2013).
From 2005 to 2011 I worked as a producer for Radio3 Scienza, the daily science program of Radio3 Rai.

I teached scientific journalism in communication schools and in master: the Master in comunicazione della scienza della Sissa di Trieste, the Istituto per la formazione al giornalismo di Urbino (Journalism School of Urbino), the International School of Science Journalism di Erice e many others.

I collaborate with publishers as a consultant or as an author and with communication agencies. I often participate in cultural events, as a speaker, a presenter, or as a moderator.

I published several books. The most important is Perché ci piace la musica (“Why do we love music”, Sironi editore, 2007, 2012) that have been translated into French (Belin), English (Music World Media), and spanish (Rocaeditorial).
In 2013 I published Cosa intendi per domenica (“What do you mean as sunday”, LiberAria edizioni) and Comunicare la scienza, with Francesco Paolo de Ceglia (“Communicating science”, Carocci editore).
In July 2015 went out Irrazionali e contenti, written with Giordano Zevi (Sironi editori).
In September 2016 È la medicina, bellezza!, written with Daniela Ovadia (“That’s medicine, baby!”, Carocci editore).

I am an author of the documentary Segna con me (directed by Chiara Tarfano), which won the Best Film Prize at Cinedeaf (International Festival of deaf cinema, 2013), and the First Prize at Festival del Documentario d’Abruzzo (2014).

I am co-curator of the exhibition In Principio, that has been held in Novara from November 2014 until April 2015 (with Codice – Idee per la cultura, curator Sergio Risaliti, and co-curator Stefano Papi).

In 2008 I have been selected for the fellowship Giovanni Armenise – Harvard Medical School Foundation.
In 2010 I received the Premio speciale per la divulgazione scientifica e sociale sull’Hiv/Aids (Special Prize for the Popularisation of Hiv/Aids) of Premio giornalistico Riccardo Tomassetti.
In 2012 I received the Piazzano Prize for science journalism
In 2014 I received the Paolo Antonilli Prize for external contributors to newspapers.
In 2017 I receveid the Fdg (Federazione Diabete Giovanile) Award for communication, the Mimosa Boreale Award and the Prize Donna è Cultura.
In 2018 I received the Premio Classico.
In 2019 I have been selected among the Tecnovisionarie of the Association of Women and Technology.

I am a member of Swim – Science Writers in Italy, Italian association that is a member of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations (EUSJA) and of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).